Saturday Feb. 1st - 9 am to 1 pm - more info at 

Esplanade Ave - near Cafe Degas



Last year, one of our Krewe of Red Beans members, Sharree Walls was killed by a drunk-driver while she and a group of friends were biking down Esplanade Ave after Endymion. 


days later, we held our 11th annual Red Beans parade - but it became more of a funeral / memorial for our friend Sharree. While it was very difficult for us, it gave us the resolve to improve our city and work to build a legacy for Sharree's death. As a result, our Krewe pledged to work towards bicycle - pedestrian safety for the rest of time. 


While the city of New Orleans is adding more protected bike-lanes and other safety features (which is wonderful!) there is little done for "special events". Things that occur every single year in basically the same locations - like Saints home-games, carnival, or jazz fest. 


Our Krewe is working with neighborhood associations to develop grassroots-level safety improvement plans for special events. We will take these community-developed plans to the city and call for change. One neighborhood at a time. 


along with this, we are creating a new advocacy event called "Le Tour De Bean" - this will be held on the morning of Sat. Feb 1st. For this event, we will be bringing city leaders and community together - and attempt to build a coalition for carnival safety. 


We will invite other carnival Krewe's l / dance groups to join us for "Le Tour de Bean"