before you begin:

- make sure your "suit" is appropriate!  For example, it would be uncool to make something that is offensive or a stereotype of another culture. Also - know the history of the term "beaner" and avoid incorporating that in your suit. . .   come with an idea or design out of a place of love and celebration.... now that we are ready to "bean" . . . here are some tips!

1) buy yourself a sure-bonder glue gun (they last long) and you can get bulk glue-sticks on amazon easy breezy.

2) outline things in chalk / pencil / pen first 

3) when gluing - avoid picking up your glue-gun in-between beans - then you will avoid "spider webs" that are annoying to clean up later.

4) leave a tiny space between each bean to give flexibility

5) if all else fails, a repeating pattern is pretty and helpful :)