How to "Bean" a suit

Each year we make a new suit (the beans will eventually get eaten by moths / mice). If you are a member of our Krewe . .  or just a spectator - putting the effort into a suit makes your Lundi Gras that much better!

To do this, we turn to our favorite hot-glue guns - - 

And our most favorite beans, Camellia Brand!

Here are a few tips we've learned over time:

1) wanna color those beans? spray paint them first - you can fill a paper bag or a cardboard box with some beans . . . then spray one coat.... shake em... spray another coat . ... then let them dry a bit.

2) flexibility: space your beans out just a tiny bit so you can still be flexible when your dancing.... otherwise if the beans are too close - you can't move!

3) "spider webs" these get made when you are lifting your glue-gun up and down a lot . .  you can either limit how much your glue gun moves... or just wipe off the tip to get rid of the excess little bit :)

4) directions - just think about which way you are working with those beans . . for example, if you wanna make a circle - start in the inside and work your way out  . . you can always adjust the outside as needed, but not the center.