The red beans parade was created in 2008 by Devin De Wulf - who was inspired by his love of beans + the culture of New Orleans.

Specifically Second Line Parades and Mardi Gras Indians  . .. the work that goes into making a suit - and the powerful act that costuming can be. 

So  - Devin created a dorky power-point presentation and invited a few friends to come over for dinner. . . enough people were convinced to join the parade and following halloween, people came together to "bean" each sunday night at Devin's house. He would cook up a big meal for the crowd and we would hang out and glue beans on stuff. . . after many hot-glue accidents and hours of "beaning"  we were ready for our first parade. King Mark and Queen Alli . . . and Princess Rob led the way!

In the years that followed we have grown - and have found a wonderful number of local partners - The Camellia Bean co., the Treme Brass Band, Seal's Class Act Lounge!  

In 2018 - we added the Dead Beans Parade in Mid City / Bayou St John....  our second parade. We invite everyone to enjoy Lundi Gras with us! It's the best day of the year :)

That's why New Orleans is a special place!