Why and how to Become a "Beaner" 

It's true. Anyone can just show up to our parade and join in as we roll down the streets dancing to the Treme Brass Band . . . sounds fun right?

But consider becoming a member - support one of the most unique cultural expressions in New Orleans. 

Unlike many Carnival Krewes we are inclusive and welcoming to all (I'm looking at you Comus!)  And you don't have to break the bank to join. . . in fact, we have a pay-what-you-like-dues  sliding scale. 

But we gotta pay the musicians! And the police escort. . and the parade permit. . . and all those glue sticks!  Each year we spend over 8,000$ in our pursuit of second-line carnival joy. . . help us!

more importantly though - if you decide to join, you will have an even better time . . . and feel a sense of belonging! You'll be a beaner! And a supporter of culture!



The Red Beans Parade is happy to announce more opens for the 2018 parade - - - - to join, email


And we are open to anyone regardless of: race, gender, social standing, sexual orientation, hair color, or pet-preferences.



viva los frijoles!