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 Our route (more or less) - come join us on Lundi Gras at 2pm - - - -    

Our route (more or less) - come join us on Lundi Gras at 2pm - - - -    

The Dead Beans began during the second year of the Red Beans Parade (2009). Over time, their mythology and tradition was created. 

In 2018, the Krewe of Red Beans launched the Dead Beans Parade as our mid-city off-shoot. 100 new Krewe members paraded with the Panorama Brass Band and Bon Bon Vivant. It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to 2019.

The Dead Beans used the theme "Tarot" for 2018 - but that was only a suggested theme for Krewe members to create their bean suits. The Dead Beans welcomed any suit that dealt with death - from any tradition or folklore from around the word.. . .  . or members could pay homage to someone who passed away - either someone they knew personally (like a father), or someone they wanted to honor (like Tom Petty, who passed away not long before the parade). 

The Dead Beans looks forward to 2019 - when we hope to unveil our Bean Hearse. 

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